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Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Our ultimate in spray tanning system from one of the pioneers in airbrush tanning Sudo Professional.

Spray Tanning Edinburgh Imarni

Look good and feel great the safe way, without the risk from harmful ultra violet rays.

‘I believe the Spray Tan used by Imarni lasts longer than other brands. Would highly recommend’.
Sarah Menzies-Edinburgh

 Spray Tanning at its best! Choose from three shades.

Bronze (for a light, natural bronzed colour)

Dark (for a slightly deeper sun kissed colour)

Ultra-Dark (for a deep tan and best for naturally darker skin types)

Your flawless tan can be achieved in minutes, developing gradually over five hours and lasting for up to seven days.

Great for a special occasion, before holidays or just to feel great.

Full Body Tan£25.50
Full Body Tan with Exfoliation£35.50

Airbrush Tanning Edinburgh Imarni

Our Su-do system ensures a comfortable spray tan experience as we use a full size, mechanical extraction spray booth.  For excellent results that are long lasting, we advise clients to enjoy a pre-tan exfoliation treatment that will whisk away dead skin cells and leave the skin silky smooth and properly prepared to ensure the best tan experience ever!  We also recommend clients wear loose, dark clothing immediately after this treatment.