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Imarni Specialist Facials

Imarni Specialist Facials

All of our facials are suitable for both men and women and whilst each facial follows a specific treatment plan, our therapists will tailor your treatment to ensure we address your individual needs.  This will be established at the beginning of the treatment to ensure you are completely satisfied and gain the optimum benefit from your treatment.

Non Surgical Facials

Non Surgical Face Lift            60 minutes                £56

Our Non Surgical Face Lifting Facials use sophisticated micro current technology to send tiny pulses of two types of electrical current to the skin and muscle tissues that help lift, firm and smooth your skin and facial contours. This intensely relaxing facial will leave your skin looking and feeling wonderful. We recommend treatment twice or three times a week for the first 3 weeks and then a monthly or 6 weekly maintenance treatment.  Suitable for all age groups to maintain a youthful appearance and particularly good for clients of 40+, when the first signs of ageing appear including fine lines and loss of muscle tone.

Deep Cleansing Galvanic Facial            75 minutes                £65

Another of our best selling facials this truly effective facial is especially recommended for oily, congested skin or as a starter treatment to detox your skin. This facial includes steam, microdermabrasion pore cleansing and extraction, a deep cleansing mask and ends with high frequency application to close pores and deposit oxygen on your skins surface.

   Microdermabrasion Facial               45 minutes                    £48

The diamond touch microdermabrasion wand removes the topmost layer of skin by gently polishing it with a natural diamond tip and then vacuuming away the dead skin cells. This results in a smoother surface and stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen. The facial is completed with a gel mask to cool and hydrate your skin while you relax with a neck and shoulder or hand and arm massage.  Excellent for all but the most sensitive skin types, this facial will leave you and your skin feeling fresh, cleansed and stimulated.


*100% natural, *gives your skin an overall fresh, healthy looking glow, *nonsurgical, safe, effective ‘lunch hour’ procedure, *effective on all skin types and colour, *no anesthetic required, *excellent for skin sensitive to chemical procedures, *your normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Bespoke Manual Facial               60 minutes                    £60

Bespoke Manual Facial                90 minutes                    £75

(the 90 minute facial includes extra mask, massage & hand treatment)