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Body Wraps

Body Wraps

Our warm cocoon body wraps are designed to target your specific problems from weight loss to stress. Most of our wrap treatments consist of a stimulating body brush, followed by an all over application of an active marine mud mask and a relaxing eye massage. Our therapists are delighted to discuss and recommend the treatment most suitable to your specific requirements.

All body wraps last 90 minutes and include an eye and back massage


This seaweed body wrap is rich in Iodine, a natural trace mineral, which is vital to keep your metabolism running efficiently. Excellent as part of a weight loss program this body wrap helps to reshape and break down and disperse fatty acids.

A de-stressing and rebalancing gel body wrap designed to help restore health, vitality and harmony to your body.  This wrap combines the trace minerals from seawater and essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, sandalwood and sage.

Great as part of a detox programme for: weight management, stress management, smokers & frequent travellers. This body wrap activates perspiration and effectively aids the elimination of toxins and impurities from your body. After a refreshing shower, a specialized combination of cooling moisturizers is applied to your newly purified, restored body.

Ideal for new mums, recent weight loss or sagging skin.  A highly active gel is generously applied and massaged into problem areas to tighten tissue and combat skin slackening.  You are then wrapped up in a warm cocoon to assist with the diffusion of marine ingredients.

This body wrap reduces the appearance of cellulite and ensures elimination of toxins from your body by using a self-heating clay to target specific problem areas.  A cool smoothing thigh gel improves your circulation and replenishes your skin.

Body Wraps at Imarni Edinburgh