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Lowdown on Lashes!

When I was younger I had great lashes.  I don’t think I really appreciated them at the time though.  It’s not until now, when I look back at old pictures that I can really see how good they were.  They seem to pop out of every picture and really make my eyes look fab.  I’m not saying that now they have suddenly disappeared but I would say that they have got thinner and perhaps slightly sparser as the years have gone by and it now takes more effort to really make them POP!  Thankfully as technology has developed so have false lashes!  In days gone by the only option to glam up your lashes were strips of lashes (which don’t get me wrong can be really great-especially for nights out) but for day to day wear can be too OTT.  There are now three other options to choose from:350914

24hr Lash – In my opinion these are great for nights out.  These are clusters of lashes all joined together at the root.  They come in short, medium and long lengths.  You generally apply the longer ones to the outer corner of the eye and work in with the shortest ones being in the inner corner.  If you’re coming into Imarni to have them done the whole treatment will take 20 mins.  We recommend a light coat of mascara prior to application and then another coat once the lashes have been applied.  Once on these lashes will stay put until you cleanse your eyes.  I used to love strip lashes for nights out but now these are my favourite as they are more natural and will definitely stay in place (sometimes with strip lashes after a few hours of dancing I would feel them starting to hang off my eyes-never a good look!).


Quick Lashes – These individual lashes are great for people on the go as they only take 30 minutes to apply and can last up to 2 weeks.  The lashes are applied to clean lashes (without mascara) and unless you naturally have very dark lashes we recommend an eyelash tint prior to application of lashes.  You are sitting up the whole time and we ask you to look down as we apply the lashes.  The lashes are placed on top of your own eyelashes.  Within thirty minutes we apply approximately 40 lashes to each eye.  Different lengths and thicknesses of lashes can be used to achieve the look you desire.  Over the next week or two the lashes will gradually start to fall out and can be removed in salon or at home using any oil based eye make up cleanser.  We can also apply lashes using this technique to your lower eye lashes and this can give a really gorgeous effect.







Individual Eyelash Extensions – These lashes are exactly the same to the ones we use for Quick Lashes but they are applied in a completely different way enabling us to get many more lashes on.  Approximately 80-100 lashes per eye.  You will be lying down for the whole treatment which takes approx 90-120 minutes (most people fall asleep) and we attach an individual eyelash onto each of your own individual eyelashes (this means segregating each of your own lashes to adhere an extension onto it).  We will choose 3 or 4 different lengths of lashes and you will also have the choice of a J lash (as close to your own natural lash in shape), C lash (a lash with a curl in it which gives a gorgeous ‘open eyed’ effect) or a B lash (in between a J and a C lash). We will advise prior to application what length, shape and thickness of lash is best for you taking into account your natural lashes and the look you wish to achieve.  These lashes are great as a one off or they can be maintained with fortnightly infills (I have some clients who have been coming back every fortnight for over a year as they love them so much!). These lashes are my personal favourite and I have had them done on many occasions.  I love how natural they feel (you don’t feel that you are wearing anything), I love waking up and looking half human and I love not having to wear mascara which cuts down on the time it takes to get ready in the morning!


I hope this blog has been helpful.  If you’re still unsure about what lashes to go for please call us at the salon 0131 228 5228 and we will be happy to advise you.  And don’t forget that this month we have a fantastic offer on our Individual Eyelash Extensions so there has never been a better time to try them!  www.imarni.co.uk/special-offers/


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